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How we work

Using Fast Track Investments PLC is the sure way for a QUICK no fuss GUARANTEED SALE to suit your requirements.

The Coventional Way

 Arrange valuation with Estate Agent
 Show prospective purchases and Time wasters around the property
 Wait for offers to come (some take 3-5 months)
 If sale fails, start all over again
 Successful sale takes up to 3 months to complete
 You will need to pay: Estate Agent’s Fee’s, Legal Fee’s & Mortgage Commitments

The Fast Track Way

ftbullet1.png No need to deal with Estate Agents
ftbullet1.png No hassle with public viewings
ftbullet1.png Offers will be given within 24 hours
ftbullet1.png Guaranteed Sale
ftbullet1.png Completion to suit your requirements (most sales within 28 Days)

  • No Estate Agent’s Fee’s, No Legal Fees & the END to your Mortgage Commitments